Accepted papers

Mkulima platform: an inclusive business platform ecosystem that integrates African small-scale into agricultural value chains

Masinde, Muthoni  (Department of Information Technology, Central University of Technology, Free State); Brown, Jason 

Automated recognition of tree species by laser scanning from 3D geometric texture of tree barks: case of the Wadi Cherrat arboretum

ABDENNOUR, ILIASSE  (MMC Team, Abdelmalek-Essaadi University, , Tangier, Morocco); Bernoussi, Abdes Samed 

A Conceptual model Overview of Chi-square based Hospital Monitoring System for Paediatric Patients and Communication through Cloud Platform

Mohapatra, subhasish  (ADAMAS University); Mishra, Angurbala 

Simulation Models Verification and Validation: Recent Development and Challenges : A Review

Ambelu, Melkamu  , WOLDEYOHANNES, Abraham Debebe (Addis Ababa Science & Technology University)

Adoption of Cloud Computing and the State of Health Information Systems at Public Healthcare Facilities in Free-State, South Africa

Masana, Nomabhongo   (Distributed Systems and Networks)

A global review of routing mechanisms in the named data network

Sembati, Yassine  (STRS laboratory, INPT, Rabat, Morocco); NAJA, Najib  (STRS laboratory, INPT, Rabat, Morocco); Jamali, Abdellah  (2National School of Applied Sciences of Berrechid (ENSA)

Power Flow Analysis of Addis-Djibouti Railway Power Supply System Using ETAP

Endalemaw, Mebratu Delelegn