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The 1st EAI International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Developing Countries

March 27–28, 2017 | Marrakech, Morocco


Keynote: 60mn (Exchange with Public during presentation)

Tutorial: 60mn (Exchange with Public during presentation)

Full paper: 20mn (Presentation + Questions)

Short paper:15mn(Presentation + Questions)

Poster: 10mn(Presentation + Questions)

Coffee break: 20mn


DAY 1 - 27 MARCH 2017       


08:30 9:00        Registration

9:00 - 9:30       Opening Session

9:30 - 10:30     Keynote Speaker – Dr. M. Adel Serhani 

Big Data: Trends, Technologies, Applications and key Challenges

Associate Professor, at the College of Information Technology, U.A.E University, Al Ain, U.A.E

10:30 - 10:50      Coffee Break

10:50 - 12:30      SESSION 1: WSNs, VANs & Mobile Networks – Chair: Dr. John  Beachboard

  •  Seamless WSN connectivity using diverse wireless links, Omar Alfandi, RB. Jagadeesha, John Beachboard
  • Mixed method: an aggregated method for handover decision in heterogeneous wireless networks, Saida Driouache,  Najib Naja, Abdellah Jamali
  • Analysis of the impact of Cognitive Vehicular Network’s context on Spectrum Sensing, Amina Riyahi, Slimane Bah, Marouane Sebgui, Belhaj Elgraini
  • High availability of charging and Billing In Vehicular ad hoc Network, Mohamed Darqaoui, Slimane Bah, Marouane Sebgui
  • Trust and Energy based Cluster Head Election Mechanism in MANET, Aicha Ait Hacha, Slimane Bah

12:30 - 13:30      Lunch

13:30 - 14:30      Tutorial Session – Dr. Roch Glitho

The Internet of Things for Developing Economies: Fundamentals and Case Studies

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada - (

14:30 - 15:50     SESSION 2: IOT and Cloud Computing – Chair: Dr. Zahi Marir

  • Developing IoT to support the health sector: A case study from Kikwit, DR Congo, PiersW. Lawrence, TrishaM. Phippard, Ramachandran, GowriSankar, Danny Hughes
  • Designing a Framework for Smart IoT Adaptations, Asmaa Achtaich, Nissrine SOUISSI, Raul MAZO, Camille SALINESI, Ounsa ROUDIES
  • ABAC Based Online Collaborations in the Cloud, Mohamed Amine Madani, Mohammed Erradi, Yahya Benkaouz,
  • A Comparative Analysis of Service Discovery Approaches for the Internet of Things, Meriem Aziez, Saber Benharzallah, Hammadi Bennoui

15:50 - 16:10      Coffee Break

16:10 - 17:10     SESSION 3: Smart Energy and Disaster Management – Chair: Dr. Rachida Dssouli

  • Evaluating Query Energy Consumption in Document Stores, Duarte Duarte, Orlando Belo
  • Downscaling Africa’s Drought Forecasts through Integration of Indigenous and Scientific Drought Forecasts using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, Muthoni Masinde
  • Machine learning framework for joint energy demand prediction and control, Mehdi Merai, Jia Yuan Yu

19:30 - 22:00     Gala Dinner

AFRICATEK 2017 Social dinner will take place in Lotus Privilege

9, Derb Sidi Ali Ben Hamdouch,quartier des antiquaires Dar El Bacha, Marrakech



DAY 2 - 28 MARCH 2017   

08:30 – 9:00        Registration

9:00 - 10:00        Keynote Session – Prof. Elhadj Benkhelifa

Cloud Forensics: Challenges and Opportunities, Associate Professor, School of Computing and Digital Tech, Staffordshire University, Beaconside UK

10:00 - 10:20      Coffee Break

10: 20 - 11:20     SESSION 4: Big Data, Data Analytics, and Knowledge Management – Chair: Dr. May Al Taei

  • Trust Assessment-Based Multiple Linear Regression for Processing Big Data over Diverse Clouds, Hadeel El-Kassabi, MohamedAdel Serhani, Chafik Bouhaddioui, Rachida Dssouli
  • Opinions Sandbox: Turning emotions on topics into actionable analytics, Feras Al-Obeidat, Eleanna Kafeza, Bruce Spencer
  • E-Healthcare Knowledge Creation Platform using Action Research, May Al Taei, Eleanna Kafeza, Omar AlFandi

11: 20 - 12:20    SESSION 5: Web Services and Software Engineering - Chair: Dr. Feras Al-Obeidat

  • Framework for Dynamic Web Services Composition Guided by Live Testing, Mounia Elqortobi, Jamal Bentahar, Rachida Dssouli
  • Modernization of legacy software tests to model-driven testing, Nader Kesserwan, Rachida Dssouli, Jamal Bentahar
  • Towards a standard Restful WADL implementation of Multi-view web services, Anass Misbah, Ahmed Ettalbi

12:30 - 13:30      Lunch

13:30 - 14:30  SESSION 6: Mobile-Based Applications - Chair: Dr. Roch Glitho  

  • Porting the Pay with a (Group) Selfie (PGS) payment system to crypto currency, Ernesto Damiani, Perpetus Jacques Houngbo, Joel Hounsou, Rasool Asal, Stelvio Cimato, Fulvio Frati, Dina Shehada, Chan Yeob Yeun
  • UmobiTalk: Ubiquitous mobile speech based translator for Sesotho language, Muthoni Masinde
  • The Statistics of Phonemes in Arabic Language for Speech and Speaker Recognition, Khelifa Mohamed, Yahya Elhadj, Yousfi Abdellah, Mostafa Belkasmi


14:30 - 15:30  SESSION 6: Security – Chair: Dr. Omar AlFandi

  • Cloud Digital Forensics Evaluation and Crimes Detection, Raja Jabir, Omar Alfandi
  • Detecting Malware Domains: UAE cyber threat alarm system, Khalifa AlRoum, Abdulhakim Alolama, Rami Kamel, May El Barachi, Monther Aldwairi
  • Intrusion Detection using an Unsupervised Approach, Jai Puneet Singh, Nizar Bouguila

15:30 -15:45   Coffee Break

15:45 -17:20   Short Papers and Posters Session - Chair: Dr. Rachida Dssouli

  • Cloud and virtualization in developing Countries, Yness Boukhris
  • Analysis and Effect of Feature Selection over Smartphone-based Dataset for Human Activity Recognition, Ilham Amezzane, Youssef Fakhri, Mohammed El Aroussi, Mohamed Bakhouya
  • Empowering Graduates for Knowledge Economies in Developing Countries, Maurice Danaher, Kevin Schoepp, Ashley Ater Kranov, Julie Bauld Wallace
  • Designing an Electronic Health Security System Framework for authentication with Wi-Fi, Smartphone and 3D face recognition technology, Lesole Kalake, Chika Yoshida
  • The integrity of the schematic heterogeneity of Moroccan geological databases, tarik chafiq, Rida Azmi, Hassane Jarar Oulidi, Ahmd Fekri
  • Development of an Artificial Neural Network Model for predicting surface water level: Case of Modder River catchment area (POSTER), Muthoni Masinde
  •  Investigating Key Factors Affecting the Adoption of a Cloud-Based EMR System in the Free-State, South Africa (POSTER), Nomabhongo Masana, GeraldMaina Muriithi

17:20-17:40     Conference Closing