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The 1st EAI International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Developing Countries

March 27–28, 2017 | Marrakech, Morocco

Seamless WSN connectivity using diverse wireless links

Alfandi, Omar (Zayed University | Georg-August-Univeristy Goettingen); RB, Jagadeesha (National Institute of Technology); Beachboard, John (Zayed University)

UmobiTalk: Ubiquitous mobile speech based translator for Sesotho language

Masinde, Muthoni

Downscaling Africa’s Drought Forecasts through Integration of Indigenous and Scientific Drought Forecasts using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

Masinde, Muthoni

Developing IoT to support the health sector: A case study from Kikwit, DR Congo

Lawrence, PiersW. (imec-Distrinet, KU Leuven); Phippard, TrishaM. (Institute for Anthropological Research in Africa, KU Leuven); Ramachandran, GowriSankar (imec-Distrinet, KU Leuven); Hughes, Danny (imec-Distrinet, KU Leuven)

The Statistics of Phonemes in Arabic Language for Speech and Speaker Recognition

Mohamed, Khelifa ; Elhadj, Yahya (IRIT, Paul Sabatier University,Toulouse); Abdellah, Yousfi (FSJES-souissi, Mohammed V University in RABAT); Belkasmi, Mostafa (ENSIAS College of Engineering / Mohammed V University in RABAT)

Mixed method: an aggregated method for handover decision in heterogeneous wireless networks

DRIOUACHE, Saida ; NAJA, Najib (STRS laboratory, INPT, Rabat, Morocco); JAMALI, Abdellah (IR2M laboratory, FST, Hassan 1st University, Settat, Morocco)

High availability of charging and Billing In Vehicular ad hoc Network

Darqaoui, Mohamed (Ecole Mohammadia des Ingenieurs(EMI)); Bah, Slimane (Ecole Mohammadia des Ingenieurs (EMI)); sebgui, Marouane (Ecole Mohammadia des Ingenieurs (EMI))

AquaEye: A Low Cost Flood Early Warning System for Developing Countries

Randhawa, Rizwan Hamid ; Mahmood, Rashid (Information Technology University, Lahore, Pakistan); Naseem, Mustafa (University of Colorado Boulder, USA)

Trust and Energy based Cluster Head Election Mechanism in MANET

AIT HACHA, Aicha ; BAH, Slimane (AMIPS Research group, Ecole Mohammedia d’Ingénieurs (EMI),University Mohammed V in Rabat, Morocco)

Detecting Malware Domains: UAE cyper threat alarm system

Alolama, Abdulhakim (Zayed universtity); Alroum, Khalifa (Zayed universtity); Kamel, Rami (Zayed universtity); Aldwairi, Dr. Monther (Zayed universtity); El Barachi, Dr. May (Zayed universtity)

Trust Assessment-Based Multiple Linear Regression for Processing Big Data over Diverse Clouds

El-Kassabi, Hadeel (Concordia University); Serhani, MohamedAdel (UAE University); Bouhaddioui, Chafik (UAE University); Dssouli, Rachida (Concordia University)

Analysis of the impact of Cognitive Vehicular Network’s context on Spectrum Sensing

Riyahi, Amina (Ecole Mohammedia d’Ingénieurs); Bah, Slimane (Ecole Mohammedia d’Ingénieurs); Sebgui, Marouane (Ecole Mohammedia d’Ingénieurs); Elgraini, Belhaj (Ecole Mohammedia d’Ingénieurs)

Evaluating Query Energy Consumption in Document Stores

Duarte, Duarte (University of Minho); Belo, Orlando (University of Minho)

Modernization of legacy software tests to model-driven testing

Kesserwan, Nader (Ph.D Candidate); Dssouli, Rachida (Director and Professor); Bentahar, Jamal (Professor)

Machine learning framework for joint energy demand prediction and control

Merai, Mehdi (Concordia Institute of Information System Engineering, Concordia University); Yu, Jia Yuan (Concordia Institute of Information System Engineering, Concordia University)

Cloud Digital Forensics Evaluation and Crimes Detection

Jabir, Raja ; Alfandi, Omar (Zayed University)

Framework for Dynamic Web Services Composition Guided by Live Testing

Elqortobi, Mounia (CIISE); Bentahar, Jamal (CIISE); Dssouli, Rachida (CIISE)

Designing a Framework for Smart IoT Adaptations

Achtaich, Asmaa (Univ. Mohammed V- Rabat, EMI, SIWEB Team - Rabat, Morocco & Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, CRI - Paris, France); Souissi, Nissrine (Univ. Mohammed V- Rabat, EMI, SIWEB Team - Rabat, Morocco & ENSMR, Computer Science Department - Rabat, Morocco); Mazo, Raul (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, CRI - Paris, France & Universidad EAFIT - Grupo GIDITIC- Medellin, Colombia); Salinesi, Camille (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, CRI - Paris, France); Roudies, Ounsa (Univ. Mohammed V- Rabat, EMI, SIWEB Team - Rabat, Morocco)

Towards a standard Restful WADL implementation of Multi-view web services

MISBAH, Anass (ENSIAS, Mohammed V University); ETTALBI, Ahmed (ENSIAS, Mohammed V University)

Cloud and virtualization in developing Countries

Boukhris, Yness

ABAC Based Online Collaborations in the Cloud

MADANI, Mohamed amine (ENSIAS, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco); ERRADI, Mohammed (ENSIAS, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco); BENKAOUZ, Yahya (FSR, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco)

Opinions Sandbox: Turning emotions on topics into actionable analytics

Al-Obeidat, Feras (Zayed Universty, Abu Dhabi, UAE); Kafeza, Eleanna (Zayed Universty, Abu Dhabi, UAE); Spencer, Bruce (University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canad)

Intrusion Detection using an Unsupervised Approach

Singh, Jai Puneet (Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada); Bouguila, Nizar (Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

The integrity of the schematic heterogeneity of Moroccan geological databases

chafiq, tarik (Laboratory of applied geology, Geomatics and Environment, Faculty of Sciences Ben M’Sik, University Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco); Azmi, Rida (Faculty of Science Rabat Agdal, University Mohammed V, Morocco); Jarar Oulidi, Hassane (Hassania School of Public Works, Morocco); Fekri, Ahmed (Laboratory of applied geology, Geomatics and Environment, Faculty of Sciences Ben M’Sik, University Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco)

Empowering Graduates for Knowledge Economies in Developing Countries

Danaher, Maurice ; Schoepp, Kevin (Director Academic Excellence, Jumeria University, UAE); Ater Kranov, Ashley (Washingtion State University); Bauld Wallace, Julie (Higher Colleges of Technology)

Analysis and Effect of Feature Selection over Smartphone-based Human Activity Recognition

Amezzane, Ilham (Université Ibn Tofail, Kénitra, Morocco); Fakhri, Youssef (Université Ibn Tofail, Kénitra, Morocco); El Aroussi, Mohammed (Université Ibn Tofail, Kénitra, Morocco); Bakhouya, Mohamed (Université Internationale de Rabat, Rabat, Morocco)

Designing an Electronic Health Security System Framework for authentication with Wi-Fi, Smartphone and 3D face recognition technology

Kalake, LesoleSoldaat (Student); Yoshida, Chika (Supervisor)

A Comparative Analysis of Service Discovery Approaches for the Internet of Things

Aziez, Meriem (Biskra university, Algeria); Benharzallah, Saber (Biskra university, Algeria); Bennoui, Hammadi (Biskra university, Algeria)